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Tech & InfoSec Acronym Cheat Sheet

Are you a beginner in the tech or infosec industry and constantly becoming overwhelmed with all of the acronyms? Or maybe you just started your first tech or infosec role and find yourself Googling acronyms that co-workers throw your way multiple times a day. 

Whatever your situation is, I can relate, which is why I've created this acronym cheat sheet. I've been where you are, a beginner trying to absorb all the information being thrown at her along with trying to remember what TLS, SSL, and OOTB mean. Even now, five years into my IT career, I still have to Google acronyms sometimes.

My acronym cheat sheet contains not only technical acronyms you'll come across in tech and infosec roles but also acronyms that have cropped up in the IT workplace, like BAU and TL;DR (hint: download the cheat sheet to see what those stand for).

Wouldn't it just be easier if it was all in one place saved on your Desktop? Well, now it can be! I've already got mine saved and use it multiple times a week. Use the download button below to get yours now!

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